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  • What is Pet treatment vs Carpet Protector?
    🌿Pet Treatment is a bio-molecular enzyme neutralizer which breaks the urine molecular chain. 💥It kills odors which helps prevent pets from urinating in the same area and it also helps remove unsightly pet stains from reappearing.🌳Carpet Protector provides short-term water resistance, allowing you more time to clean up a spill. 💥The protectant adhere to the carpet fibers and help to repel spills and soiling.
  • Area Rugs Pricing?
    Additionally, for accurate pricing on area rugs, we'll need to know the type (domestic, wool, silk) and size. We'll measure upon arrival to provide you with the exact pricing
  • Only 1 Room/How much?
    ✅️We have a $179 minimum service charge for all service
  • What other services do you provide?
    ⚠️Additional Services we provide: ✅Upholstery Cleaning (request estimate) ✅Tile & Grout Cleaning (request estimate) ✅Area Rug Cleaning (request estimate) ✅Mattress Cleaning (request estimate) ✅ Vinyl Floor Cleaning(request estimate)
  • How Long Does It Take To Dry?
    Carpet is dry within 4-6hrs. Air circulation such as ceiling fans will help expedite the drying process.
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